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- I would say up with SP, give us level 6 skills Please, I would have to train all my skills to level ...2011.04.05 15:20:00
- Wow, the scams are coming to the threads now. Send me 200mil and I will give you a tengu. . . onc ...2011.03.31 01:51:00
- Because I can I respect your achievement. ...2011.03.30 19:16:00
- SuccessWould buy again. eve-mail me if you have one. ...2011.03.30 19:13:00
- Looking for Salvage Drone Operation skillWho still have this book available? I'm buying. ...2011.03.22 14:50:00
- Every skill is needed to be at Level V, eventually. The question is, which one first?The correct an ...2011.03.21 14:30:00
- The first Khanid to surpass 100mil skillpoint. And no missile skills, you sir, fail at being Khanid ...2011.03.21 14:28:00
- Your not a true leader. How can you call yourself "The Emperor"You do not have Wing + fleet command. ...2011.03.21 14:20:00
- How do you know you are the first?eveboard linkI am still the first Khanid with over 100mil sp. The ...2011.03.16 21:37:00
- Thanks for all the replies. I am working on four capital skills to level 5 - Capital Energy Turret ...2011.02.28 15:24:00
- The first Khanid to surpass 100mil skillpoint. Is Vanlade, The Emperor. ...2011.02.18 18:33:00
- Fit your ship so that it cannot be scanned, and pay attention to what you are doing.You can make lot ...2011.02.02 19:40:00
- Edited by: Vanlade on 10/02/2010 17:26:57 Original PostThanks for taking the time to post. ...2010.02.10 17:27:00
- "lol" ...2010.02.05 21:12:00
- Edited by: Vanlade on 05/02/2010 20:43:20 Oh I'm sorry but skil ...2010.02.05 20:43:00

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