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- We'll never know until an eve bank actually starts up. ...2010.06.14 23:15:00
- The issue is that you think people will invest because someone else is investing. By all means whit ...2010.05.18 20:28:00
- now you tell me whats wrong with my thinking there?The issue is that you think people will invest be ...2010.05.18 20:13:00
- I think Amarr battleships were en vogue because they delivered good salvage on top of the insurance ...2010.05.13 10:45:00
- Goodwill is something you write off when you purchase a company. If the character was ever sold you ...2010.05.10 18:58:00
- Edited by: Power Sauce on 10/05/2010 10:11:02 Instead of trying to marginalise people's opinions, p ...2010.05.10 09:48:00
- The MAJOR issue I have with your lottery is that is has two (2) "first" prizes and two (2) "second" ...2010.05.06 19:41:00
- Hey, it's the muppet crew, here to point out how the public investment market in an internet spacesh ...2010.04.27 10:08:00
- ebank have always been involved in trying to manipulate investment and the titan bpc market.Given th ...2010.04.27 07:20:00
- As far as I can tell the market is working like a market. ...2010.04.25 15:24:00
- I recommend yelling at the chart. ...2010.04.25 15:14:00
- What ever have I been doing for the last few years.Invention. ...2010.04.19 07:48:00
- The following are the definitions of an IPO1. An inoperable tumour.2. A method of collecting free is ...2010.04.14 07:58:00
- Good to hear Atlas have joined NC for this whine thread. ...2010.04.10 00:52:00

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