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- Take your pick: middle of the working day, during prime-time, or late at night. Because depending on ...2010.02.11 09:43:00
- I went the opposite direction (6 million SP in gunnery before I even broke 300k SP in missiles), and ...2010.01.31 10:40:00
- I've actually come to really like the Dominix's appearance. It reminds me of a snail's shell. It mov ...2010.01.24 04:03:00
- Yup, chaining is key. By keeping at least one ship (preferably a frigate) alive in the belt, you gua ...2010.01.23 20:45:00
- I've seen that before. In my case, it was lag. Person gets podded, and even their corpse shows up in ...2010.01.23 06:46:00
- It isn't. All of our monetary transfers are done electronically, so we never actually handle solid m ...2010.01.20 06:09:00
- The best mining ship for both the Gallente and Caldari, ignoring ORE ships, is going to be the Tier ...2010.01.19 20:05:00
- Edited by: cal nereus on 19/01/2010 20:00:56The ships you are training for are great. Minmatar/Amarr ...2010.01.19 19:57:00
- Edited by: cal nereus on 19/01/2010 19:42:50Basically, what I'm hearing is that several players have ...2010.01.19 19:40:00
- Great story, Omal Omal. I'm glad to hear your first few months in Eve have been so good, and I hope ...2010.01.19 08:59:00
- You can maintain good relations with all of the highsec factions relatively easily, just by declinin ...2010.01.18 20:11:00
- No, you cannot die while running around stations in Incarna. The devs will not allow anybody to "ki ...2010.01.18 04:32:00
- Edited by: cal nereus on 18/01/2010 04:26:45The bloodlines have different origins. Some Caldari can ...2010.01.18 04:20:00
- Edited by: cal nereus on 16/01/2010 09:46:58Well, the 4hardeners/2repairers set works well for me. I ...2010.01.16 09:46:00
- It's already been said in this thread, but I'll repeat it: small/agile ships have a better chance of ...2010.01.16 07:02:00

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