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- I doubt there will be any reply Shamna. All effort seems devoted to NEX and crowing about how brilli ...2011.08.04 15:15:00
- A month has gone by since you made assurances to CSM. Nothing so far has improved my experience. A m ...2011.08.02 19:48:00
- I too remain sceptical and disappointed over recent events.My mining activity has ceased, since I pe ...2011.07.09 10:29:00
- Please will you re-examine the Hulk modulated mining laser beams. These have been reduced to faint ...2011.07.05 07:28:00
- Edited by: jaguda1 on 24/06/2011 23:22:03 What, no response at all CCP? Out of the hundreds of leg ...2011.06.24 23:18:00
- Quarters-9FPS with 2 online. Binned. Noble-Overpriced rubbish. Will ignore. Mining lasers-Can hard ...2011.06.23 02:13:00
- I got 3 of these. They don't work. The 10% mining bonus doesn't happen. Based on mining a bit of pl ...2007.07.18 21:45:00

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