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- She's just saying how much she recharges over 4 and 5 seconds so she can compare with the large and ...2004.12.10 14:26:00
- I think 2 things need to happen for this issue to resolve completely:1. CCP introduce x.5MN and x2MN ...2004.12.10 11:44:00
- And, more importantly, how do they stack with armor resist boosting modules? Does the class bonus co ...2004.12.10 10:05:00
- I belive that all drones use the same gun signature resolution, so its all up to the tracking.Acolyt ...2004.12.10 09:39:00
- Ironically, this sort of time management would be best organized with a macro. ...2004.12.09 15:51:00
- hmmm. If you are shield tanking, then you are shield hardeners, and using shield boosters. The shiel ...2004.12.09 15:25:00
- Are they warping? If I saw them... aligning, dropping speed to zero them zooming off, I just might ...2004.12.09 07:11:00
- So far, while warping between gates, over 300K in rats has dissapeared on me as I open fire.There ar ...2004.12.08 21:39:00
- The base shield and base armor stats are computed numbers derived from the em/thermal/explosive or k ...2004.12.08 18:38:00
- You don't lose LP for rejecting missions or offers. Get your facts straight.Have you tried rejecting ...2004.12.08 07:56:00
- I got my first cruiser today - a Thorax, as I was told they're best for combat. I was horrified to d ...2004.12.07 20:55:00
- I used small neutron blasters for 2 minutes, not one hit. With a couple tracking computers and lo ...2004.12.07 12:25:00
- i bet it will. get a girlfriend. no one ever said females made simple partners. ...2004.12.07 11:25:00
- webbers work... particulary if you have your own drones. ...2004.12.07 11:15:00
- Given the missile tracking changes, it is not difficult to avoid missiles in a fight without double ...2004.12.07 09:22:00

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