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- I've been running Eve on the dev release of snow leopard with no problems. Don't know about officia ...2009.08.25 16:05:00
- Reload all should work just fine, dunno why it doesn't. For me, I just group all my launchers into ...2009.08.06 16:22:00
- I went this route and it's taken me just shy of a year and a half so far and I'm 3 months away from ...2009.08.05 21:26:00
- hmmm, Im kind of interested in that too. For anyone with big alliance or 0.0 experience, would bein ...2009.08.05 21:17:00
- No I won't share how, where, or whom.Looks at the alliance, checks out the IRC code... No wonder whe ...2009.07.14 18:58:00
- Edited by: Seragon on 10/07/2009 21:29:24 Are moon make ups completely static? Yup ...2009.07.10 21:29:00
- The situation is this, I have an Orca in 0.0. It's in a station recently taken over by hostile forc ...2009.07.10 17:00:00
- Edited by: Seragon on 10/07/2009 16:49:51 Yes. I can get in a billion trit a week well below Jita ...2009.07.10 16:46:00
- I know most people don't use the mac client, but here's how it works:Apple-Q (Ctrl-Q basically) forc ...2009.07.09 19:07:00
-'s another list floating around somewhere, but this one i ...2009.07.03 16:35:00
- Profit is profit. Some people will take the easy sell for less profit because it means a more immed ...2009.07.02 20:19:00
- 1) Figure out how much profit you can make per unit. a) Get a cost for minerals, best bet is to fi ...2009.07.02 20:03:00
- I have several characters involved in buying and selling and building. Is there a program that coul ...2009.06.29 16:29:00
- Any time I've moved any bpo's of note, I've used a blockade runner. I only do two things different ...2009.06.29 16:14:00
- These seem pretty expensive. We're establishing ourself in a region where there's a very real chance ...2009.06.26 17:51:00

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