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- I'm looking at the patch notes RIGHT NOW . There are looking very exciting. But... They are still be ...2011.08.25 00:58:00
- Edited by: Sader Rykane on 24/08/2011 16:43:05 This thread has been done already, the last one was ...2011.08.25 00:56:00
- You have... and there's... but... why do you... and how did you... hhhwwhhhhaaattttttt?????/brain me ...2011.08.01 02:14:00
- It's all rather different what cards everybody has in their machine at the office. But in my worksta ...2011.08.01 01:57:00
- Perhaps if you didn't automatically assume you are the know-it-all king of the world and everybody i ...2011.07.19 15:37:00
- This is where you lost me and everyone else if you had any point at all." Ranger 1 will tell you tha ...2011.06.26 18:56:00
- Edited by: Vult on 26/06/2011 18:01:15 P.S. ...2011.06.26 17:57:00
- reality check: Jita locked down pretty much 24/7 now Protest all over the gaming media All major ...2011.06.26 17:42:00
- Edited by: Boaz Hedion Merkava on 26/06/2011 16:57:44 Hi sir, Read ...2011.06.26 17:38:00
- We know that selling other than vanity has not been concerned, but the fact that they have considere ...2011.06.26 17:30:00
- Edited by: Azran Zala on 26/06/2011 17:21:47How many of you were this ****ed off at Sony when their ...2011.06.26 17:26:00
- Just give up for awhile until they wear themselves out.Kid's can scream louder than adults for a tim ...2011.06.26 17:21:00
- Edited by: Boaz Hedion Merkava on 26/06/2011 16:57:44 Hi sir, Read ...2011.06.26 17:07:00
- This won't get read because I generally never say anything important or meaningful online or in real ...2011.06.26 16:57:00
- Oh quit your whining...Laptop:i7-720QM 6GB DDR3 ATI 4850 1GB GDDR5 dedicated50-60 fps in space. 2 ...2011.06.22 15:49:00

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