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- So, would this make social skills more, less, or no change in importance to income for missioners? ...2011.03.26 06:32:00
- It's a casual amusment park IP. If you're not into that kinda of game you won't like it.Things they ...2011.02.11 18:12:00
- For PvP it's still too much a pita to even get into a match. Though they have been working on balan ...2010.07.30 19:20:00
- "Some people think they should go to heaven but NOT have to die to get there.Sorry, but that's simpl ...2010.07.10 01:06:00
- ... stuff ...This argument chain is precisely what lead to the world's economies plunging us into th ...2010.07.02 18:32:00
- Why does almost every fit in this thread have a damage control?Speaking on the fit I provided, it's ...2010.06.18 14:43:00
- stuff Its more a question of you are buying x tags, you are selling y modules while converting z ...2010.06.15 14:43:00
- In your case it would be like buying the minerals off the market (a trade skill), building an item ( ...2010.06.15 02:26:00
- If you mean I could sell to buy orders in Jita and chose to setup sell orders instead.If you mean I ...2010.06.12 21:34:00
- Bellow is for various ranged fights once you have t2 sentries (strongly suggested for missions). Ju ...2010.06.05 23:27:00
- Obviously there's more than one way to do a mission, but please help me with the list of T1 low sp s ...2010.06.02 21:20:00
- The real limiting factor is nullsec alliances won't accept people with less than, say, 90 mil SP. ...2010.05.30 19:15:00
- Edited by: Iamid Ichabod on 03/05/2010 18:32:56 I don't have access to eft to check out a specific ...2010.05.03 18:31:00
- ...Am I missing a trick?Cheers.Short answer is yes. I'm not sure where the tread is, but there is a ...2010.04.26 18:18:00
- Edited by: Kerfira on 11/04/2010 15:30:56 Does this look reasonable to everyone? EDIT: Misread sto ...2010.04.12 00:27:00

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