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- I fly space ships, and blow things up. All this bull**** does not affect me other than laughing at a ...2011.06.22 16:53:00
- Yes, don't recruit players who use incarna and that will kill it.Because no player who uses the stor ...2011.06.22 15:35:00
- Ah Lucian James. Besides Uncle Bao's frig fests, His fleets where my favorite fleets to be in. Stone ...2011.06.13 03:53:00
- WTS: Lots, and Lots of Stuff. ...2011.06.13 01:29:00
- the mid-slot issue...No. 1 Midslot = Useless ship.oh, and lolRetribution ...2011.04.12 15:06:00
- Time dilation?I don't think people are frustrated because lag causes unfair conditions (lag doesn't, ...2011.04.11 17:57:00
- I came here expecting to find a URL to get reimbursed for all my ships lost to a black screen or whi ...2011.04.05 17:34:00
- I know a dude was fighting 1v1 in Domis with a guy who then proceeded to drop a carrier on the gate ...2011.03.30 15:05:00
- Yo, I heard drinking in fleet is a terrible idea and Lucian is a lady man c/d.fake edit: lady's man. ...2011.03.29 22:36:00
- Edited by: gtiness on 24/03/2011 18:10:39 What is the size of the EVE database?Edit: to properly sn ...2011.03.24 18:10:00
- This sort of thing will not happen from the safety of the Captain's Quarters.8/10.I for one suspect ...2011.03.22 17:48:00
- I hate the drake..Getting a lot of calls for battle cruiser fleets and am wanting to pilot something ...2011.02.28 20:33:00
- Edited by: gtiness on 15/02/2011 20:10:54 My issue with the laggings is the utterly random nature o ...2011.02.15 20:05:00
- Startup website adds new content, promptly kills their server...blames DDoS. c/d ...2011.02.11 19:32:00
- Edited by: gtiness on 03/02/2011 15:45:26 Research / Invention / T2 manufacturing is indeed 'viable ...2011.02.03 15:44:00

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