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- The tutorial missions will give you several hundred thousand ISK and several ships, and your charact ...2011.04.30 19:32:00
- This might help. It's a great flowchart. ...2011.03.19 00:01:00
- The thing is, train for an Orca just for the small chance to steal one? There are better ways to sp ...2011.01.29 16:01:00
- It'll last until the next patch, when CCP changes something else about the character creator and giv ...2011.01.29 15:58:00
- EMMA and Evemon are player-made tools, CCP provides nothing. As such, whatever's out there on the i ...2011.01.27 02:25:00
- The "Navy" versions of the regular battleships can be purchased from the Loyalty Points store, and a ...2011.01.27 01:56:00
- No, they mean that missions can definitely offset the cost of a Drake; each mission pays you several ...2011.01.24 21:18:00
- As Gallente your ship for missions will probably be the Dominix, so you'll need armor tanking skills ...2011.01.24 12:59:00
- I think it will charge you immediately then ADD three months, and after 4 months (total) it will the ...2011.01.23 22:03:00
- There are only a few NPC corporations that have R&D divisions per each empire. The income isn't all ...2011.01.23 15:29:00
- Classic aviator sunglasses are the only ones available. There are no options as far as frame shapes ...2011.01.23 15:19:00
- Hahahahaha! Yes!Also, delete all threads complaining that Trash It is too close to Reprocess, that ...2011.01.23 11:51:00
- Sorry, this is CCP, their patches (even tiny ones) have BUGS in them that do bother humans. A daily ...2011.01.23 11:44:00
- You've got to put the (automatic) forehead wrinkles to good use. ...2011.01.22 05:01:00
- Might want to edit your post, use some capitalization and paragraphs...PVP is usually an expense, th ...2010.11.17 00:20:00

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