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- As a driving instructor myself, I was really pleased that my new car I bought had the letters "WTZ" ...2011.05.30 16:28:00
- name good songs to listen to that could be eve related :]i'll startspaceman - babylon zoo bird of pr ...2011.05.02 20:25:00
- Yay! Another local thread! Second only to the ninja salvage whine fest! ...2011.05.02 20:08:00
- Eve has sound? ...2011.04.16 19:08:00
- Lay off the Foster's sirGood God man, Aussies don't drink Fosters! That's the crap brewed in the UK ...2011.04.12 13:54:00
- Im too relaxed to rage. I do like reading the rage though, amuses me no end. ...2011.04.12 13:51:00
- Cherry or strawberry for me, please.Did you fall off the stool just as the pic was taken lol Oh, an ...2011.04.12 13:50:00
- I for one, welcome our new Goon overlords.As long as we don't start getting scammed 500mill isk ever ...2011.04.12 10:23:00
- Something to stop you posting would be a start. ...2011.03.31 19:46:00
- Confirming this can be fun.I sat cloaked in a known carebearing system for a week, said nothing. Eve ...2011.03.23 08:28:00
- Can't Code Patches. ...2011.02.17 20:45:00
- Bumping for a good corp. I learned a hell of a lot when I was in BYDI, good people ...2010.11.14 20:48:00
- I was not aware LOTR was free to play. I might give it a look. ...2010.11.02 20:14:00
- Lots of interesting comments there, allow me to go through them :)I cannot give anyone my stuff, as ...2010.11.02 18:35:00
- I do hope you can help me. I have finally had enough of Eve, not in a rage way, just bored to the po ...2010.11.01 10:20:00

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