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- That isn't to say that I don't want to have fun though. ;-)But I would like to join a corp that tru ...2007.05.07 07:29:00
- Hello all, Im looking for a corp that caters to adult gamers with RL *sigh* duties. Wife,kids,mortga ...2007.05.07 07:25:00
- Hi,I'm from the UK and new to Eve with 2M skill points. I'm now looking to join my first corporatio ...2007.05.07 07:01:00
- Edited by: Lillith Thanatos on 05/05/2007 17:55:10 Having just returned to Eve after and enforced 4 ...2007.05.07 06:59:00
- Gemini here is an experienced pilot of 0.0 space. I've had my fair share of battles against many all ...2007.05.07 06:57:00
- hia i am loooking to get recruted, i would preffer sometiong in amarr aria of the empire or any o.o ...2007.05.04 23:57:00
- Hello,My name is Joe and I'm a ninja. To learn more about ninjas please visit: http://www.realultim ...2007.05.04 23:55:00
- INTREPID CROSSING alliance has much to offer as we fight the forces of evil in Feythabolis!IRC will ...2007.05.04 23:50:00
- I am a experienced player with 2 characters looking to possibly bring both to my new home. I have be ...2007.05.04 23:44:00
- Im a pure miner and would like to join a corp that does regular mining ops in 0.0.I am looking for a ...2007.05.04 23:40:00
- Edited by: NeoTech on 04/05/2007 22:28:13 Edited by: NeoTech on 04/05/2007 14:26:05 Hey!, i'm stil ...2007.05.04 23:39:00
- Hello...I'm looking for a 0.0 mining corp, with a good presence in the EU timezones. I've had a hard ...2007.05.04 23:35:00
- Hey, I'm somewhat new to the game and I'm interested in getting involved in the community and right ...2007.04.27 00:22:00
- Anyone needs a carrier / dread pilot with 25 m sp. Battle experienced have both carrier and dread in ...2007.04.27 00:20:00
- Edited by: TJ17 on 26/04/2007 22:43:24 7.2mill dictor pilot looking for a pvp/indy corp in 0.0 no g ...2007.04.27 00:18:00

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