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- Firstly, the archive, nice idea I guess but I imagine anyone who really wanted a copy of there old s ...2011.01.20 14:15:00
- As for the event... sounds like fun.Words of wiz, get your stuff there early (like the day before)an ...2011.01.06 23:09:00
- I would jsut like to bash in and reply to all those that say this is going to be a gank-fest. yeah, ...2011.01.06 23:01:00
- sounds like a good way to get a bunch of gate campers setup with easy targets and its a lie to say t ...2011.01.06 22:57:00
- Apparently if you had a toon who was about to receive a yearly remap the "free" remap offered by CCP ...2011.01.06 22:14:00
- I don't know... This remap seems to have screwed me out of my up coming one. I hope to hell this is ...2010.12.15 22:01:00
- What's more, I have a remap coming up after a year on the 5th of January and if I remap now it tells ...2010.12.15 21:55:00
- Well... unlike the guy posting before me, you did break my client . Downloaded patch, applied it, u ...2010.12.02 06:59:00
- Well, read the first 11 pages of this post until my eyes started to bleed. Though I plan on moving ...2010.06.21 09:15:00
- Edited by: Volir on 11/06/2010 18:47:12 look at these tears! L5s have always been intended for lows ...2010.06.21 07:54:00
- Edited by: Devro III on 21/06/2010 01:19:32 Edited by: Devro III on 21/06/2010 00:54:50 Edited by: ...2010.06.21 00:51:00
- Edited by: Devro III on 21/06/2010 00:58:08 Edited by: Devro III on 21/06/2010 00:56:34 Once more ...2010.06.20 12:15:00
- Edited by: Doraxis Blie on 18/06/2010 13:26:27 I wish I had time to worry about Planetary Interacti ...2010.06.18 22:47:00
- Edited by: Devro III on 21/06/2010 01:00:25 An official word on the extractor times would be of HUG ...2010.06.18 22:41:00

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