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- Just wanted to get my 2ISK in here and say that i disagree with the hate-on of the big party. I love ...2011.03.28 23:05:00
- This is a nightmare for Canadians. Have to book extra flights to Toronto or Halifax (~400$) plus th ...2011.02.02 19:25:00
- No Class 8/10 You ARE the one! do you know kung fu?Sorry, a bit generic i think, 7/10. ...2011.01.19 17:17:00
- I feel the need to post on this as well. You guys brought a great line! Thanks for the fight, well d ...2010.06.13 04:15:00
- Very sorry if this is addressed else-where already but i just needed a little clarification on the s ...2010.03.25 18:29:00

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