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- As usual Yahtzee gets it totally right, if that bastard had have done this 2 months ago I would have ...2008.09.03 20:39:00
- I will be receiving the ISK. ...2008.08.28 02:33:00
- Waywatcher > I'm gay ...2008.08.27 19:09:00
- Edited by: Ikvar on 28/08/2008 02:19:25 ...2008.08.27 18:47:00
- There are a few people who offer third party services. Chribba is one well know one and I personally ...2008.08.17 22:35:00
- Get 'UNEMPLOYABLE' tattooed on your forehead. That'd be cool as ****. ...2008.08.16 23:42:00
- Actually I watched this vid a second time and now I like it. It's p. cool. ...2008.08.15 23:58:00
- Watching this video made me feel sick.I wanted to like it, I really did, however when it boils down ...2008.08.15 07:01:00
- It's a good thing that those ships were empty, as we all know with Hyrda YOU CAN'T TARGET THEIR BUNC ...2008.08.15 06:58:00
- Get the Federation logo thing. If anyone asks what it is and you're too embarrassed to admit it's a ...2008.08.15 06:49:00
- Word of warning Verone: You don't want to fight DFP in Passari because Gronos is the Techno Viking. ...2008.08.15 06:45:00
- Edited by: Ikvar on 15/08/2008 02:20:13 You must really suck, the Onyx and Broadsword only do like ...2008.08.15 02:19:00
- I agree with this idea if only for easy movement of boosters around hisec for me.Also 'Shiv' ...2008.08.12 18:07:00
- Hahaha.... there's been a max of 4633 people on the China server in the last 2 months. ...2008.08.11 10:46:00
- Um... I changed the password to a POS with ships in just about a week ago and it didn't bump the shi ...2008.08.11 10:37:00

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