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- I have gotten some neat offers. But I am still interested in what other offers may be available befo ...2011.05.07 06:48:00
- I am looking for a home of all sorts.Show me what you have to offer. Just coming back to eve after ...2011.05.04 04:24:00
- 45m SP Mining/All around combat toon + 3 alts looking for a real industry focused corp preferrably i ...2010.10.06 19:10:00
- Edited by: Phelan Lore on 01/10/2010 23:48:37 Bump for more offers.Just curious other than AAA, Sys ...2010.10.01 23:47:00
- Edited by: Phelan Lore on 06/10/2010 20:44:49 Edited by: Phelan Lore on 06/10/2010 19:10:36 Edited ...2010.10.01 02:02:00
- I played EOH for some isk wasting, and it was definately that. A WASTE.But... I played Blink, and it ...2010.09.27 02:51:00
- Edited by: Phelan Lore on 18/08/2010 21:58:30 Thread Closed. Found my home with a great bunch of pe ...2010.08.18 20:45:00
- Still looking. Having a nightmare of a time looking for a place. I DO NOT want to join a corp. that ...2010.08.12 21:32:00
- Edited by: Phelan Lore on 09/08/2010 21:53:54 Final resting place mate, thats my advert. And my nec ...2010.08.09 21:53:00
- So far good responses, Im still curious and/or interested in more responses. As Im looking for my fi ...2010.08.09 21:45:00
- Still looking for a good corp!Also have a couple 40-50 SP friends that might/could come along as wel ...2010.08.09 20:55:00
- Paxton is a well established and respected corporation with a long track record. We can offer you mo ...2010.08.05 17:05:00
- BUMP Please. Looking for someone. So lonely in low sec by yourself. Lol ...2010.08.05 16:53:00
- InterestingOf course. Still accepting applicants. ...2010.08.02 23:23:00
- Within 4 hours of 3 of us joining the corp, we have already came together and gotten 4 kills togethe ...2010.08.02 03:01:00

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