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- WRT today's #2 client update, I was getting repeated update failures.Then I thought to let the splas ...2011.09.02 12:29:00
- Edited by: Trebor Daehdoow on 02/09/2011 01:36:25 I am getting horribly inconsistent frame rates. O ...2011.09.02 01:36:00
- Two months for a draft. I submitted a draft (for both CCP and CSM comment) on Friday in response to ...2011.08.28 12:48:00
- So White tree the CSM did make sure they had independent minutes of these meetings? and who was res ...2011.08.28 12:41:00
- I wonder if any CSM members can confirm at what stage in this process the minutes currently are?We r ...2011.08.24 20:46:00

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