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- Edited by: Icy Manipulat0r on 27/03/2011 18:35:04 Press the "A+" button to increase the font-size?O ...2011.03.27 18:33:00
- Trashing this dudes thread because people that charge over 540M for a GTC ever need to GDIAF! ...2010.02.12 06:20:00
- Makes Sense. Thanks ...2009.11.07 10:22:00
- I'm guessing Didoxie and Rens. What about Amarr? is that still kicking? Oh like ants to a sugar cube ...2009.11.07 09:47:00
- I think it would be pretty cool if you developed a scavenger hunt similar to what Red Bullis doing. ...2009.10.18 05:05:00
- I'm only asking because it appears that we cannot purchase them from the Eve-Online Store cause ther ...2009.08.14 04:08:00
- Awesome,You know what though. I'll fly the megathron over the dominix just to save my eyes from look ...2009.06.21 11:18:00
- Pretty much the subject says it all. Whats everyone using nowdays. ...2009.06.21 10:35:00
- I'm pretty sure you can make a sculpture of most Minmatar ships out of common items found in your tr ...2008.03.16 02:14:00
- She's thinking about making some of the Battleships out of glass. Also she can cast character busts ...2008.03.16 01:45:00
- or blow them from glass? My girl is a glassblower and i think it would be cool if we had some sample ...2008.03.16 01:26:00
- for that money you could buya beamer ;)Doubtful I've been very patient waiting for LCD prices to spi ...2007.10.23 14:02:00
- I want to say "Gauntlet" ...2007.09.30 10:36:00
- Here is a thought, What if.... a 'wormhole' suddenly opened up between Tranquility and Serenity?Woah ...2007.09.30 10:34:00

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