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- Did you guys read the article? Watch the video? He doesn't even look like your stereotype muslim. Yo ...2011.07.29 10:37:00
- You shouldn't be in a battlecruiser, let alone any ship that you can not afford to lose. Unless, of ...2011.07.25 08:59:00
- Don't write gibberish, I got warned for writing gibberish. It must be against some kind of forum rul ...2011.07.25 06:49:00
- Someone gonna get banned! ...2011.07.25 06:19:00
- Just sov-block a bunch of systems, for laughs. ...2011.07.22 13:35:00
- I hope you have some booze in that cargohold, if not it isn't a pirate ship. ...2011.07.22 12:07:00
- ..... Indeed, on Sunday, goondot (圣 周 间) eitneun crying kid, and quickly kill t ...2011.07.22 07:58:00
- Kelly B got like 3000+ votes. Could win bro, just needs a few more votes, is in 2nd place. Also Coff ...2011.07.22 06:26:00
- Haters will hate. Good luck on your endeavour to acquire 1 million civilian guns. I think I will do ...2011.07.21 14:05:00
- ^^^^Put a T1 Auto Targeter in the empty high to act as a heatsink for overheating."Never fly with an ...2011.07.21 13:06:00
- Meanwhile, in Russia.. ...2011.07.21 12:54:00
- Kandidates, average speed / competition, it is hard to do ????? Or monokleers head or not. ...2011.07.21 09:32:00
- داريوسجونسون MONTH / Skiatho ...2011.07.21 08:20:00
- Hi, this is common with many Technologies, such as friends and family or not, I heard the first step ...2011.07.20 14:23:00
- Shamefurr dispray. ...2011.07.20 13:49:00

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