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- Just a few more hours until I get ground up. For those who have never done that, it sounds really in ...2008.04.14 21:29:00
- Thank you for the information all. I always appricaited the helpfulness of the folks on this forum a ...2008.04.14 21:12:00
- I think what you did wrong was get the ship you wanted...Much of the excitement in EVE comes from th ...2008.04.14 21:02:00
- Edited by: ZerKar on 14/04/2008 03:28:40From the way you mentioned WoW, I can't help but think your ...2008.04.14 03:25:00
- wrong forum area..oh, and reconsider about the stuff? c'mon.. you know you want me to have itNope, ...2008.04.14 03:12:00
- When my Corp Mate Renkaren did it he had to click on "Cancel Subscription" he said and right now it ...2008.04.14 03:09:00
- When I started playing EVE I thought it was a wild fascinating game with endless possbilities and wo ...2008.04.14 03:06:00
- My account is currently active due to a time card but I want to cancel it. There seems to be NO opti ...2008.04.14 02:54:00
- The only feautre I still do not see any use for is "Scout". As far as I can tell it must just be som ...2008.03.11 04:46:00
- Quite frankly I have to agree with the OP. They already spam the tournament everywhere else and they ...2008.03.10 02:10:00
- For those who understand that cap ships are not solo pwnmobiles that are used for lvl 4s, then th ...2008.03.10 02:02:00
- Seems funny to me that you still have not caught on to the fact that CCP is moving towards 0 Avoidan ...2008.03.10 01:39:00
- I think this whole jihad thing is laughable. First they assume they have any right to tell any play ...2008.03.08 07:50:00
- You know, I cannot wait to have commentation on day to day activities in EVE. That would be great, a ...2008.03.08 07:47:00
- Edited by: ZerKar on 08/03/2008 07:34:20 As for the "is it griefing" question, even if it is it doe ...2008.03.08 07:32:00

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