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- We could all spend hours arguing on this or that, overemphasizing one detail over another, dissectin ...2010.06.21 12:16:00
- LOL... The amount of moronic replies in this thread is appalling. Leave this guy in peace. The fact ...2010.04.13 18:49:00
- I undocked the shuttle to return to highsec, but the typhoon from earlier got me on the gate.LOL. Lo ...2010.02.04 18:18:00
- SOV warfare mechanics and Speed nerf. My time is money, as much as CCP's time is money. Genuine rela ...2009.06.03 20:22:00
- In other words, the ones who were least hit werew the ones SMALL ENOUGH where their CEO *could* mi ...2009.05.23 21:45:00
- Edited by: Semkhet on 22/05/2009 22:14:47 When I worked in the property development business...last ...2009.05.22 22:12:00
- Edited by: Semkhet on 02/05/2009 17:05:30 Wow....I actually went through every post. I found mys ...2009.05.02 15:47:00
- bawwwwww im so rich and can do anything i likeseriously? is this a joke? i have never been able to m ...2009.04.28 11:56:00
- Also a note on XP vs Vista... Honesly just get Vista. Most, if not all of the Vista naysayers hav ...2009.04.27 21:11:00
- Finally something funny to vote for ...2009.04.11 23:00:00
- If you have filed a bug report for each bug you've found, ok. If not, * redacted - Fallout.You are ...2009.04.06 13:30:00
- Frankly, I would expect anyone with two cents of common sense to agree with the spirit of Akita's po ...2009.04.05 11:57:00
- Just lol?If you have to TD to stop sleepers killing your drones you are clueless as to how to microm ...2009.03.22 10:17:00
- - Your drones are only targeted back by the same sleeper you put your drones on, no other Sleeper wi ...2009.03.21 19:42:00
- I've ended the experiment since I got a full cargo of loot & salvage. Using the TD's has protected t ...2009.03.21 19:38:00

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