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- I don't understand why one side can pay to start a war, but the other side cant pay to end it. ...2011.08.15 22:49:00
- Most of the ice mined in high-sec is for the null-sec people, so I can understand how removing ice f ...2011.08.15 15:23:00
- Wanna see people in lowsec? Make those Lvl 5 missions worth 150 million a piece & have the agents ...2011.08.15 14:26:00
- If they do this CCP will likely lose half of their suscribers; the half who are not interested in ...2011.08.15 13:52:00
- I have been happy with the corp. so far. Everyone seems cool. ...2011.08.14 13:06:00
- Oops, perhaps I should tell you who we are. Sorry, only on my 3rd cup of coffee this morning. Have n ...2011.08.14 13:01:00
- The Corp. I am in is gearing up for Incursions. May want to check them out in game. We been working ...2011.08.14 12:53:00
- Good Corp, I give it a thumbs up! ...2011.08.05 03:18:00
- People sure are hostile on the boards. However, why people are so opposed to mining in general? I th ...2011.07.24 21:40:00
- Everyone keeps telling me to stop mining, but I like making stuff, and it's really all I have time f ...2011.07.24 03:58:00
- I do not think they want to attract new players. Every time they manage to get up to around 55k play ...2011.07.24 03:05:00
- Maybe you should think about getting out of mining. Returns are among the lowest in the game since ...2011.07.23 03:04:00
- I would not mind losing a ship in low or null sec; but, I stayed in high sec on purpose; to avoid co ...2011.07.23 03:01:00
- So I have been hanging out in high-sec, mining, building stuff, and staying out of trouble. I come b ...2011.07.23 02:35:00
- I am pretty new to nullsec, but everything out there costs a lot. Every pice of tec two gear is a mi ...2011.03.27 00:06:00

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