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- *BumP* ...2011.06.24 22:03:00
- 1.) OK you explained the Memo, great. I didn't put to much stock in it an figured it was some tool l ...2011.06.24 21:39:00
- those that could n ...2011.06.24 21:17:00
- I do agree with you on this really, I think alot of people are not looking at it close enough at all ...2011.06.24 20:40:00
- You know what I just realized? This is just like RL, I am not hearing about this on my News Feed in ...2011.06.24 19:41:00
- I have alot of opinions on whats been going on some voiced by others, some not... But this protest i ...2011.06.24 19:30:00
- Mine finished in 6 minutes, you have ISP problems, or the like. ...2011.06.21 22:51:00
- Edited by: Mizar Alcor on 21/06/2011 20:56:38 Buddy of mine was having issues like this with a few ...2011.06.21 20:52:00
- Just wanted to comment on this. We have a huge range of hardware that we need to support and as we p ...2011.06.21 16:43:00
- like i said earlier, good comeback bro. you make no sense. ...2011.06.21 05:54:00
- Yes SSAO works WONDERFULLY on my ATI 5770HD (STALKER Clear Sky is awesome that way), this more than ...2011.06.21 05:03:00
- OP is lying. Rebecca didn't steal an orca, Rebecca stole his heart. Then he learned it was really Br ...2011.06.12 15:20:00
- Just because we can't get rid of all bacteria... I mean botters, does not mean that CCP should not w ...2011.06.09 17:43:00
- I have wartargets as blinky green, for instance I know there is a way to sort out your overview sett ...2011.06.08 11:18:00
- Seriously if you can't find another way to make money (I shouldn't nor should anyone here have to te ...2011.06.03 13:26:00

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