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- Edited by: Sales Merchant on 04/07/2007 09:59:13Our main markets stay very stable and demand is high ...2007.07.04 09:59:00
- My Internet connection is a 10MB/s direct fiber connection. (Not ADSL)Operating System: Microsoft® W ...2007.06.29 11:03:00
- Went from 280 teraflops to 3 petaflops in 8 months? The AI to make humanity obsolete is coming soon. ...2007.06.27 11:13:00
- I have no particular hate against Microsoft but I personally feel they have the world by the balls i ...2007.06.27 11:06:00
- The solution is to not see a force of 100 enemies and think "HAY IF WE BRING 300 WE CAN BEAT THEM!"I ...2007.06.27 10:41:00
- If they believe it is right to ban violent video games then they should also ban violent movies too. ...2007.06.20 07:53:00
- 1: Nine Inch Nails / Johnny Cash - HurtJohnny Cash version is better than the original! ...2007.06.19 14:13:00
- Make sure you lock down your BPO's, assign very limited roles and most importantly find somene thats ...2007.06.19 14:10:00
- Your first losses are always the hardest ones. You will constantly question 'Why?'The truth is, ther ...2007.06.19 13:41:00
- If you want to chill out theres always Hello Kitty Island Adventure. ...2007.06.19 10:43:00
- Yes, very impressive patch notes.To bad BoB is the alliance who will profit most from it with all th ...2007.06.15 15:09:00
- I've just read the Revelation II patchnotes and im very impressed with the sheer amount of content g ...2007.06.15 09:26:00
- I will be waiting for a game that comes out with a more mature population.Wont get more mature than ...2007.06.11 12:38:00
- Edited by: Sales Merchant on 11/06/2007 12:17:32 Moved from CAOD to Market Discussions -Yipsilanti ...2007.06.11 12:13:00
- Edited by: Sales Merchant on 11/06/2007 12:03:23 I guess its a little to late to implement the 5 an ...2007.06.11 12:01:00

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