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- Nice!Just one thing I would suggest is to have the images and videos display in a slightly different ...2011.07.22 00:20:00
- Edited by: boseo on 21/07/2011 23:45:23Plus, pron has copyright issues too.yes and someone will prob ...2011.07.21 23:44:00
- really good, enjoyed that a lot!! ...2011.07.18 23:43:00
- how did this get off the first page!also want a TV remote so I can choose what to look at on the scr ...2011.07.16 16:16:00
- Reminded me of this fox crap. oh my I think my IQ dropped just from watching that ...2011.07.16 15:49:00
- Edited by: boseo on 15/07/2011 17:51:56 scientist moves from a corp to another corp which is a diff ...2011.07.15 19:05:00
- Edited by: boseo on 15/07/2011 19:04:09 Edited by: boseo on 15/07/2011 17:51:56 scientist moves fr ...2011.07.15 17:51:00
- he could be trying to open the cq door? ...2011.07.15 14:05:00
- Hah! Just wanted to paste this on the forums. Excellent vid. I love the Extra Credits videos becaus ...2011.07.14 21:15:00
- have to admit, made me lol ...2011.07.14 14:30:00
- Interesting to see the new angle for the video!its something companies have done in the past (the ha ...2011.07.07 16:33:00
- I, for one, will be convinced CCP truly has a sense of humor the day $1,000 pants are introduced int ...2011.06.29 18:13:00
- I use to have it on all the time but for some reason it broke about 2 (2 1/2) years ago for me (scro ...2011.06.29 18:00:00
- I will just leave This here.sorry could not resist with some of the comments made here. ...2011.06.27 16:26:00
- to be realistic and looking at what is most likely I would not mind the following:bug fixes (duh) t ...2011.06.26 19:58:00

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