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- Im selling an aeon with 3x Trimark armor pump II and a dark blood fit worth about 500 mill also com ...2011.01.04 15:28:00
- 4,743,765 SP to go into anything I wanterm great now I have to make that decision thanks CCP/CSM ...2010.11.25 15:42:00
- Wherever they go, they really should all have clones left in Delve. And whomever gets hit, please co ...2010.08.25 16:52:00
- Edited by: Lord Zulu on 13/04/2010 08:23:10 Attention i got a mail from a devit reads We at CCP do ...2010.04.13 08:16:00
- Edited by: Lord Zulu on 13/04/2010 05:27:34 Edited by: Lord Zulu on 13/04/2010 05:21:33 What the.. ...2010.04.13 05:16:00
- This should make these locations essentially unreachable, thus forcing ships within a given system t ...2010.04.13 02:46:00
- Oh look at that we `crusaders` have killed more than the NC everyday And I thought we losing this co ...2010.04.11 22:35:00
- Yep they need a boost i remember the days long long ago any small gang would fear a field command in ...2010.04.11 00:50:00
- Gimboid...You have mail ...2010.04.10 19:33:00
- What is this. A well thought out statement using facts and logic? HOW DARE YOU! Never bring this ...2010.04.10 17:37:00
- Edited by: Lord Zulu on 10/04/2010 17:31:54 How much are you paying? Last person got up to a bil be ...2010.04.10 17:31:00
- I hope CCP dont introduce T3 MOD BPOs LOLOLOLOLOLT3 mods are comeing i doubt any BPO`s for them will ...2010.04.10 11:21:00
- Bumpstill lookin ...2010.04.10 08:04:00
- Image is ...2010.04.09 09:30:00
- Up Up and awaygood morning EvE ...2010.04.09 09:18:00

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