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- Oh, and please I am aware that you'll never get proper dogfighting in this game, especially agains ...2008.07.24 13:45:00
- Personally like "Duo of Death"Wish more missions were like it... With one caveat. Make the NPC's e ...2008.07.23 12:45:00
- Various sitesTankingVery basically:Sansha and Blood - EM Serp & Gurista - Kenetic Angel - Explosiv ...2008.07.23 12:24:00
- Over tank. Till you've experieince the mission yourself - not just read about it - over tank.Lows - ...2008.07.23 12:03:00
- neutron blaster are the highest damaging weapon in any size of weapon.atm in short range weapon we h ...2008.07.16 10:28:00
- Qui Shon, The stat you haven't added there is speed to acceleration gate...40km to it @ 1300m/s (int ...2008.07.14 14:34:00
- Tamoko, no offence, but something that large is utter overkill. It isn't just you, a few people here ...2008.07.14 11:06:00
- PvE - doing level 4 missions as a beginner.To start level 4's in an apoc I personally would use 2 x ...2008.07.14 10:50:00
- Fastest way to do level 2s?Hands down the inty. Personally faction grind 2's in a crusader atm. Ta ...2008.07.14 10:23:00
- Call me a n00b, but it was Ammar ships firing at Minmatar ships right?Have the Ammar discovered an e ...2008.07.11 10:23:00
- Edited by: CmdoColin on 11/07/2008 09:49:20Actually, the title "man-of-war" was given to all armed n ...2008.07.11 09:44:00
- First definition gentlemen:A ship requires 3 masts with square sails - if it doesn't have that then ...2008.07.11 01:34:00
- Too many rats in missions? Definately. Recent-ish mission:40x frigates 15x Destroyers 18x Cruiser ...2008.07.09 02:40:00
- Thing is I gotta permatank I'd rather not drop.I'm using t2 mediums that do the job... but my drone ...2008.04.13 01:04:00
- banannagirl - only got a 125m drone bay. Ship I'm in I wouldn't normally run missions in, but havi ...2008.04.13 00:35:00

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