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- atm - the forums ETquake wars beta, and company of heroesAny good? ...2007.06.24 20:49:00
- Pluto has always struck me as a bit of a Mickey Mouse planet anyway.Oh that was terrible ...2007.06.15 20:29:00
- Edited by: schneirder on 08/06/2007 14:15:57 The last straw was today for me.A good majority of eve ...2007.06.08 16:45:00
- Its been about three months sence I started playing EvE and about two sence I stopped playing MXO. I ...2007.06.06 12:48:00
- Those bastards killed my planetside! ...2007.05.18 19:22:00
- Yeah I wish they would change escrow, oh wait contracts I mean. Not because there's a chance of get ...2007.02.15 17:33:00

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