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- Well done ed ! very well thought out ...... kudos ! ...2011.07.15 16:22:00
- If any of you could actualy stop thinking you are wholier than thou and use the threads to have a se ...2010.09.30 18:32:00
- hm TQ is restarting ... anyone any suggestion what critical db-issue will come next as excuse? A gi ...2010.09.30 17:49:00
- Please ccp it's nearly soap time and i dont want to watch them with GF help me out hereIm already wa ...2010.09.30 17:34:00
- So lets talk tacos and how good they are for the soul ,,,, ill start ,,,, when a taco is crunched in ...2010.06.29 15:03:00
- Ohh well DT been extended again :) Question for those demanding compo from CCP for lost game time ...2010.06.29 14:06:00
- basically this new world has a ton of issues and as a 5 account holder i would hope that the issues ...2009.03.11 00:17:00

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