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- up to level 20 (whatever that means lol) so is that a coincidence or a clever piece of marketing in ...2011.07.01 13:54:00
- I want animated missile launchers =( ...2011.05.27 10:30:00
- Supply vs demand thing =PWith the way the prices are going atm, I might consider buying (with RL ISK ...2011.05.27 08:30:00
- As sorry I feel for the people in Japan but ...this might sound harsh, I am tiered of all this "coll ...2011.03.15 11:52:00
- I would like to thank everyone for their replies so far.One more thing that came up while reading/wa ...2011.02.22 19:08:00
- Sigh =(Why do people always have to have different opinions on something? I was hoping to open this ...2011.02.19 12:19:00
- I have been using something like this with some nice results when grinding standings. Reactor Contr ...2011.02.19 05:06:00
- Hi, I was planning to get myself a Golem.I have been flying CNR, NavyPoc, Mare, Paladin, Dominix, ...2011.02.19 04:56:00
- I was just doing a rough calculation... Seen the Crow go about 3.9k/s earlier.9000km/3,9km/s=2307.7 ...2011.02.12 04:13:00
- Edited by: Hanneshannes on 12/02/2011 04:05:32 Should be there in about 4 minutes...-E- 40 ...2011.02.12 04:04:00
- You were finding it with the old scanning system though, in which luck played a large part. In this ...2011.02.12 01:19:00
- Even then, I'd guess they only make it available to the corp... ...2010.10.23 13:00:00
- I feel a lot safer in 0.0. There aren't so many people, as you said, you know when something is happ ...2010.10.23 12:40:00
- I really like it.It could replace the Machariel and make for something new. (some people will probab ...2010.10.21 12:06:00
- Funny, I had a 29.99GBP mouse for about 6 years now. I played all kinda of games with it. I recently ...2010.10.17 08:27:00

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