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- Your competitors are already selling motherships at 20b. Back when I worked sales for Unrah, I was ...2007.11.13 10:45:00
- A good thing to do while mining is to watch the trade channels. I've made around a billion in commi ...2007.11.11 11:25:00
- As they said, get yourself into an Imicus for the drone bonus, and for the fact it can carry 3 drone ...2007.11.11 11:20:00
- Oh that's why. We link to a really good guide to tanking from these forums. ...2007.11.08 11:49:00
- If you tweak your overview settings, you can get it to show angular velocity, which is more useful t ...2007.11.08 11:48:00
- I heard that they are no longer in game so if you find one you have died and gone to heaven...50 wer ...2007.10.13 11:15:00
- Another way to do it is to press F11, which brings up the system map. This is especially useful if ...2007.10.13 11:13:00
- Actually I am working on that, I just havent decided on a good name for the business yet and I am ...2007.10.13 10:48:00
- Good point. Plugged :D ...2007.10.13 06:43:00
- If you have a look at the skill prerequisites for the Agony PVP-BASIC classes (click the banner in m ...2007.10.09 11:50:00
- If you look up a missioning guide, or you recognize the NPC type, then you can fit specifically for ...2007.10.09 11:41:00
- Ooooh, thanks. I can see why EFT is popular! ...2007.10.09 11:33:00
- Did some updates to the links to other information page, which now includes my favorite eve utility ...2007.10.08 13:47:00
- Thanks all for the positive responses in the thread My understanding is that Hammer will be back, he ...2007.10.08 13:26:00
- Moa is a Caldari cruiser.Grab yourself a copy of EVEMon, it has a searchable items and ships databas ...2007.10.07 12:21:00

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