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- Yes, as long as there is a tab listing your previous name (kinda like Employment history) i dont see ...2011.07.14 10:56:00
- You sir win this topic! ...2011.07.14 10:50:00
- Edited by: Neqa''el Uphir on 14/07/2011 10:47:26 They can always print a 4 by 5 meter vinyl with TH ...2011.07.14 10:43:00
- 0.o ...2011.07.14 10:38:00
- I personally expect soon an Iphone/Android game called "THE DOOOR" It will be linked to one of the m ...2011.07.14 10:22:00
- So they are locking a topic for "no content" but wont roll back the most stinky excuse for an expans ...2011.07.14 10:17:00
- The Russians wont vote for you, also unrealistic. Its not that the game is going in the wrong direct ...2011.07.12 14:54:00
- Gurgeh Murat - Shadoo man, fkin Shadoo! Hell, i will miss his Fcing most of all ...2011.07.12 14:21:00
- The "narrator" was terrible true. The lines were gobled up, just like in some other trailers. Also, ...2011.07.12 14:07:00
- Edited by: Neqa''el Uphir on 12/07/2011 13:28:19 Yeah. Forgetting one basic thing - PLEX price in I ...2011.07.12 13:27:00
- are ze germans aware of this? ...2011.07.12 12:45:00
- Yes, but it is going to be FABULOUS! ...2011.07.12 12:42:00
- Edited by: Neqa''el Uphir on 12/07/2011 12:05:46 CCP are where they put themselves through sheer in ...2011.07.12 12:05:00
- CCP should just start looking at Blizzard and doing it their way as it is the right way. Question is ...2011.07.12 11:50:00
- No, they said they have "no plans", not that they wont do it. Then again they had a plan to release ...2011.07.12 11:21:00

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