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- Any updates for the mac client? I've not seen one mac user yet that has this working. We all have th ...2011.04.25 23:09:00
- Same here. Although I do actually see the CQ for just about 1/2 a second before the screen goes blac ...2011.04.22 05:58:00
- I'll throw in a quick one that I've never understood. Why in fleet can you only see IF you are recei ...2011.04.17 03:43:00
- Anybody that has access to your Planetary Command Centers can also access your Customs Office storag ...2011.04.14 18:06:00
- Quick question. I see that after launching items from the launch pad, that the hanger at the customs ...2011.04.14 17:21:00
- yes please! ...2009.12.14 02:31:00
- This thread has had some interesting responses. I think from what CCP has said, nobody should be exp ...2009.12.13 07:39:00
- With every new gamer I get to try Eve, I end up having to defend Eve on one particular topic, the UI ...2009.12.12 04:14:00
- um... you realize that they don't need take access to use the bpos right?the input and output hangar ...2009.12.10 22:50:00
- Yeah, it works, it would just be nice for people to not have to risk other corp mates even accidenta ...2009.12.10 22:33:00
- Not sure if this is going to turn into a feature request, but its starting as a question. I was look ...2009.12.10 21:50:00
- You are in a cruel, violent, bloodthirsty universe dominated by powerful mega corporations and large ...2009.12.10 21:27:00
- I didn't see the answer in the wiki. I currently have the 1 remap I think everybody got with the rem ...2009.12.09 07:40:00
- SignedAnd I know CCP agree, because in their prettiest advert trailers this effects is not presentEx ...2009.12.09 05:22:00
- First, sensor boosters. I'm sorry, but I don't think they really need a big bright glowing aura. Jus ...2009.12.08 21:56:00

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