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- Fly safe Laura “Taera” Genender, wherever in space you are flying now. ...2008.08.18 17:56:00
- Edited by: Sethose Olderon on 15/08/2008 11:58:58 A lot of good points have been made in this threa ...2008.08.15 17:08:00
- I read the PDF file and like the idea...Some points - Bounties are looked at as way to "Cost" the ta ...2008.08.14 19:03:00
- Are these issues for voting in CSM meetings, or ideas for discussion and development? If they are th ...2008.08.12 14:33:00
- Edited by: Shinigami on 06/08/2008 06:12:16 CCP will be introducing trammel pretty soon. STAY TUNED ...2008.08.12 14:18:00
- First off, like the problems with War Decs that were not fixed until the Privateer’s started War Dec ...2008.08.06 19:09:00
- proper linkyou had 1 to many http:// ...2008.08.03 18:01:00
- Some thoughts...First, to Ankh on the "Slap on the wrist" Players found the issues you brought to CC ...2008.07.30 14:46:00
- The ability to end up with a T2 BPO from invention should've been in from day 1 imo. Exactly why do ...2008.07.29 21:43:00
- What about a complete change on MWD ? :The MWD no longer boost speed +500% but alow to warp on a tar ...2008.07.29 21:26:00
- For the most part, I don't have a dog in this hunt... I am an industrialist...The one point I did wa ...2008.07.29 17:56:00
- Good blog, I was wondering that if in your tests you checked the type of wrecks... reason I ask was ...2008.07.29 13:54:00
- I used to be in favor of a 'mini-freighter', but not anymore. Just fix the Suicide Ganking problem, ...2008.07.24 15:33:00
- I am for stopping insurance payouts for ships destroyed by concord.Maybe it could be limited on nega ...2008.07.24 14:53:00
- Ki An,Have you changed your mind on the Stupidity tax?Read 2 posts, 248 (mine) and 256 (Your reply)G ...2008.07.21 22:34:00

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