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- Why the HELL does the RSS feed not show WHAT CHARACTER MADE THE POST?????https://forums.testeveonlin ...2011.09.05 20:20:00
- I've written a cross-platform market data uploader that currently sends data to EVE Central and EVE- ...2011.08.31 16:07:00
- As a matter a fact, any request from the database is not working. I cannot use the in-game "sell han ...2011.03.29 18:49:00
- The uploader doesn't really work for me anymore - it says "Processor Exception - Error uploading f ...2011.03.16 13:38:00
- If you mean price history charts and things like that, then I know a is ...2011.01.24 14:06:00
- I'm porting this to Java at the moment...Cecil - feel free to plagiarise any of my work on a Java ca ...2010.12.13 18:15:00
- Some people extract it directly from the static gamedata. However the official data dump and the sta ...2010.12.03 17:46:00
- Am I missing something? You can already drag it horizontally... ...2010.12.01 12:16:00
- Thanks to Entity's reverence library I've been able to extract the static data from the client, in l ...2010.12.01 11:59:00
- Edited by: Muscaat on 01/12/2010 11:52:27 Just tried to pull some of the static data out using reve ...2010.11.30 20:37:00
- CKeditor is a great little tool, glad it's getting some high-profile interest. EVE Voice and new for ...2010.10.20 14:56:00
- If this change sticks, it'll make me excited because sites like EVE Central and EVE Metrics (and by ...2010.10.14 22:24:00
- Soo, can we expect DTD's for API feeds and normal (for HTTP) authentication mechanics?DTDs are horri ...2010.09.20 22:36:00
- It's like to put a brand new roof on a ruined house. 1st you fix the house structure THEN you put ...2010.07.20 12:52:00
- Actually, EVE Gate should have been based on top of the API so that all functionality of EVE Gate wo ...2010.07.06 22:52:00

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