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- Tau Cabalander delivers once more. ...2011.08.14 16:34:00
- Since when does the Tengu have a drone subsystem? ...2011.08.14 15:45:00
- MOTD:Tranquility is currently offline due to database issues. Our engineers are working on fixing th ...2011.07.15 16:20:00
- I checked the first corp you were in (assuming that's the one you're talking about); the corp as a w ...2011.07.12 07:03:00
- Let me help you by pointing some facts that will help you understand the thinking of the above poste ...2011.07.12 06:57:00
- EVE has been here for 10 years???Feels more like 7.... 8 tops.Maybe you are ahead of your time.And.. ...2011.06.09 12:48:00
- So, I currently have lvl 4 in Military and Political Connections. Since these are rank 1 and the new ...2011.06.09 12:26:00
- When Yulai was the center of the Universe and therefor the main trade-hub... eat you heart out Jita. ...2011.06.07 06:04:00
- Test it on Singularity, just to be certain. ...2011.06.02 13:47:00
- Did anyone notice the Awesomium.dll file in your EVE folder... and does anyone have a clue what it d ...2011.05.02 07:43:00
- Edited by: Shan''Talasha Mea''Questa on 18/04/2011 08:23:14 Avast IV Yarr III Gloat III Parrot I ...2011.04.18 08:21:00
- Some really good info their people, all good usefull stuff. Akita, that was the answer I was really ...2011.03.31 09:21:00
- Spinning ships as an art-form. ;-) ...2011.03.31 08:43:00
- Store one of the logistics repackaged in your Cargobay or Corp Hangar and keep some rigs handy. ...2011.03.31 08:31:00
- In my experience all ships refine pretty nicely, or maybe the term is reprocess.... I keep mixing th ...2010.12.23 06:01:00

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