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- Democracies through history have seldom worked well or provided the results people are looking for. ...2008.05.13 06:58:00
- /me abstained.Too many goons.Nobody with enough points that I could really agree with without having ...2008.05.05 21:39:00
- Yes and no, Il Reverendo. I'm not running to further my own agenda as such, apart from one big issue ...2008.05.05 20:43:00
- Serenity will be back May 12th. ...2008.05.05 13:46:00
- Thanks for your questions Kali Burr. I'm afraid my answer will be the same as I had to give Hamfast ...2008.05.05 07:00:00
- Actually I would like to vote for a candidate that has views that I can support. To me that is how ...2008.05.04 10:21:00
- Edited by: Lorq vonRay on 03/05/2008 03:09:05 The purpose of the CSM is to discuss whatever CCP all ...2008.05.03 08:07:00
- Vox, I am familar with your platform. For me though for the message to be properly understood and r ...2008.05.02 17:38:00
- I think for people with similar skepticism, there are actually other options apart from abstaining: ...2008.05.02 16:30:00
- Thanks for the interest Hamfast. I see you have done a bit of thinking on issues yourself already.As ...2008.05.02 15:49:00
- So, your only platform as a candidate is to advocate a system of bribery? Isn't ISK doing all the t ...2008.05.02 13:07:00
- Honestly, I'm having a very hard time deciding who to support.I can easily list of 6 or 7 candidates ...2008.05.02 07:35:00
- A very interesting approach, do you have the voting system finished already?Also, are you not concer ...2008.05.02 06:48:00
- How will you handle raising issues before the council? Or will you only vote on issues raised by ot ...2008.05.01 13:02:00
- Iím Vox Pop, the CSM candidate with only one issue on his mind: direct democracy in EVE. Although I ...2008.05.01 12:00:00

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