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- Jeez Loraine, get off your horse... I understood what he meant, no need for lingo-****s here FFS.On ...2011.02.06 08:04:00
- I've found that gravimetric exploration sites in wh space often have some omber asteroids. Not sure ...2011.02.06 07:44:00
- - Epegi Givo -Nice... definitely a touch of American Indian in this face - the high cheekbones and f ...2011.02.06 07:15:00
- Patcher reported the download was corrupted. Repair Tool reports the following error (same as someo ...2011.01.19 03:00:00
- The "Soon™" diversionary answer was given by CCP just recently for another thread asking for the cap ...2010.05.22 03:50:00
- Haha, almost read my mind. Dammit, wheree's my tinfoil hat?Shouldn't it be plate "DST-514"?Nice one ...2009.12.10 22:57:00
- Only wish we didn't have to warp through them... Independence War 2 warp style FTW.Yeah, I think the ...2009.12.10 06:48:00
- Well done to the OP, if it works and gets you somewhere in-game, power to ya mate....snip...Its fun ...2009.12.07 09:05:00
- Encouraging news, indeed.Well done!Hope to hear more in the future. ...2009.12.06 22:24:00
- Posting first in a Lady Spank thread.Heh, seriously though, I have fond memories of the Trinity patc ...2009.12.06 08:34:00
- I had quite a few lol's while reading this - what wonderfully twisted misconceptions of what it is t ...2009.12.05 04:46:00
- Edited by: Salia WinterDrake on 02/12/2009 11:00:52 PLEASEMAKETHE FONTSBIGGERI'd wager this is poss ...2009.12.02 10:58:00
- All good replies - yeah the UI or lack thereof frustrates me too.The ultra-tiny text, the inconsiste ...2009.11.23 05:24:00
- The idea of a mobile base you can dock in, store equipment and a few non-capital ships in is great, ...2009.11.09 09:35:00
- Edited by: Salia WinterDrake on 01/11/2009 23:18:37 Business use of WinXP vs Vista vs Win7 is not r ...2009.11.01 23:17:00

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