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- If you are wanting to get a little more cash, this is a good room to do. If you are looking for spec ...2011.08.22 19:20:00
- You could also just create an alt on your account and make it CEO that way you aren't having to recr ...2011.08.18 17:53:00
- Personally I use mission specific medium drones at all times. They dispatch frigates easily enough ( ...2011.08.15 18:09:00
- Why buy a new toon? Why not just reallocate your stats and continue with the current one? One thing ...2011.06.02 18:50:00
- Corp Member A and Corp Member B are missioning together. Wrecks are created.Ninja Looter A comes in ...2011.06.01 19:30:00
- Edited by: NOG Holder on 16/02/2011 17:37:27 Personally I like using neut alts in fast locking ship ...2011.02.16 17:37:00
- I can say that a GM will sometimes help you in a situation like this. I recently had a similar incid ...2010.12.17 13:56:00
- That is what I meant Korg. You said my idea would make ninja salvaging flagable. I was trying to sho ...2010.12.15 16:13:00
- No, it wouldn't change how ninja salvage is done now.Right now: 1. Ninja salvager elects to salvage ...2010.12.15 15:31:00
- Edited by: NOG Holder on 15/12/2010 14:57:16 Before I get into my idea, let me preface this by sayi ...2010.12.15 14:49:00

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