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- Fixed because you fail.Learn 2 Internet. Nub. ...2010.03.13 21:28:00
- Tha logz, D show Not THING!...oh wait, I have been beated to it. ...2010.03.04 14:55:00
- The dominix, it need help... URGENTLY! ...2010.02.27 02:07:00
- is it just me or is this PDF simply broken?Indeed, with windows 7 and the lastest patch for reader i ...2010.02.24 14:06:00
- Anyone have a non-Youtube link, or even better, a direct download link? Youtube is blocked in my par ...2010.02.22 13:53:00
- Wait they are not passives?! OMG all this time... /facepalm ...2010.02.21 20:44:00
- Wow totally amazing. That scene at the end with the crashed titan is like something from a movie i R ...2010.02.20 01:45:00
- LOL, dont you guys see it? Its as big as the broad side of a barn... This is just preparation for DU ...2010.02.20 01:23:00
- I bumped it already for you anyway... And the backgrounds are in the download section. ...2010.02.17 01:18:00
- bump ...2010.02.17 01:03:00
- Huh? Dang Im a nub, didnt know we could build stations... I guess we cant anymore? Can we? How did i ...2010.02.12 00:04:00
- New player is new.Old ideas are old.Confusing DUST with Incarna.CCP doesnt work like that, you can a ...2010.02.07 14:06:00
- Don't make fun.I met my first two husbands on mining ops EllaSame here. I met my first husband while ...2010.02.06 21:28:00
- I think the best solution would be to integrate the bounty system into contracts. For the bounty hun ...2010.02.02 23:21:00
- Not supported.Caldari ships are already good enough. I feel that the balance between races never bee ...2010.02.01 22:19:00

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