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- Good Adventures for you . Send Maverick2011 some money if you can, thanks. Help a noob buying his fi ...2011.06.15 21:53:00
- Ok, im off to bed. I have to give my last isk away! Who's in? And why? ...2011.06.15 21:49:00
- I'm trying to give my stuff away goddamit! lol Please stabilise the server for another 10 minutes pl ...2011.06.15 21:25:00
- I could really use some stuff, you know. =)I'll even write you a song if you give it to me. And we h ...2011.06.15 20:29:00
- Was gonna do this last night, but server was offline lol.Anyway, I literally have hours left on the ...2011.06.15 19:39:00
- Please send all ISK to Ford Mersombre. I'll ensure it gets distributed to the proper people.1,240,0 ...2011.06.13 08:05:00
- If you want my stuff, by the way, you must take it all. Everything. Not that it is much, a lot of st ...2011.06.13 08:02:00
- hmm sad to see ya bro...well can i haz your stuff?Can you fly a Thanatos? ...2011.06.13 07:54:00
- 4 days then my account expires. I will not be renewing, after 8 years it is finally dawning on me th ...2011.06.13 07:30:00
- Scamming is part of the game, the only place it is not allowed is in the help channels. The help cha ...2011.06.12 20:12:00
- Granted! Sadly to achieve this the internet had to be switched off. I wish I won the lottery. ...2011.06.12 20:06:00
- but the biggest contributor to client crashes remains jumping between systems with the client minim ...2011.06.10 10:36:00
- If England tries to prevent Scottish independence by force, I will gladly come over there and fight ...2011.06.10 10:28:00
- I say give the moaning Jocks independance and rebuild Hadrians wall while you're at it. And electrif ...2011.06.09 20:24:00
- So you basically want a regular laptop that has absolutely nothing to do with a Wii, but with two in ...2011.06.04 08:31:00

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