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- Thx for the info, Johnathan ! ...2010.05.29 09:48:00
- Instlled this version, but i cant see the Polymer Reactor Array in the reactor-list, so cant check t ...2010.05.22 05:43:00
- Unfortunately, Im located in Germany. No chance to participate. :( ...2009.09.15 17:32:00
- Umh, yes, so nobody has an idea for that ? ( Didnt got an answer from ccp, but I hoped, the program ...2009.05.17 08:13:00
- Oh yes, thats a thread ive searched a long time for ! Very very good. Though my head is pumped up ...2009.03.17 12:11:00
- Thank you very much ! One question came up the last hours: When I place a gun at the top of the fo ...2009.03.15 15:44:00
- Ok, I have no experience with the defense of a POS and I have no actual problems in that matter. But ...2009.03.15 12:16:00
- After scanning with the new probing-system I found a magnetometric site with debris: Serpentis Ship ...2009.03.14 19:19:00

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