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- Raw footage like this is painful to watch - cut out all the boring stuff and reduce the video to 4-5 ...2010.10.29 17:26:00
- It's obvious that you have found your niche in this game but, for most of us, the novelty of Black O ...2010.10.12 06:53:00
- This is more medium-scale combat, with a ton of Logistics and some awful enemies. The bar has been r ...2010.09.13 06:15:00
- I imagine that you will get trolled.Immersion is often frowned-upon by the vocal :bittervet: forum p ...2010.09.02 03:38:00
- So much text for a 30 second movie. ^ ThatThis is unlikely to be repeatable, and relies on a lack o ...2010.07.31 18:07:00
- Edited by: Karad Forsky on 14/04/2010 13:49:03 yeah stats r everything m8 go brag about them..Quote ...2010.04.14 13:49:00
- Having the option to disrespect duels is part of what makes EvE worth playing. Lame though it may be ...2010.01.25 03:15:00
- Summary Un-witty stuff. * Niryai goes back to spinning his ship in Jita.Grow a pair, post with you ...2009.07.19 17:43:00
- It's not CCP introducing smaller rigs that will cause more people to adopt "cookie-cutter setups." I ...2009.07.09 23:21:00
- TBH, I haven't had problems with even being targeted in my Muninn until pretty much everyone else is ...2009.05.19 20:05:00
- Zealots are the most popular HACs in sniper-HAC gangs for a reason, but Munnins do have 2 valuable a ...2009.05.19 19:40:00
- Looks like a lot of fun. Lots of newbies in that lowsec pocket from the looks of it but a nice watch ...2009.05.07 19:10:00
- That's some seizure-inducing stuff right here. Around the middle of the movie, I stopped paying atte ...2009.04.11 23:51:00
- ...I'd suggest changing is switch to tracking speed against minmatar ships that I saw a few times. ...2009.04.08 16:56:00
- It might be fashionable to bunch up every lower Domain/Providence group under the CVA banner, but ho ...2009.04.08 06:56:00

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