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- I was, at first, just as angry and rage quitty as the rest of you. but then I thought about this who ...2011.06.27 15:45:00
- I believe what has most of us so upset is that we thought EVE was above the mistakes that lesser gam ...2011.06.24 17:10:00
- CCP misses the point that a "micro transaction" is supposed to be "micro"... as in a couple bucks... ...2011.06.23 16:39:00
- All CCP would have to do to "fix" jita, or at least adjust its influence, is play around with the wa ...2010.07.06 21:54:00
- bumptastic! Dont have much gaming time till this weekend, if interested in joining send me an evemai ...2010.07.06 17:42:00
- gonna stick some miners in my scorps highs and go out to sit in a belt. that way i can make citizens ...2010.07.04 03:54:00
- daily bump! keep the evemails coming guys! ...2010.07.02 23:02:00
- daily bump! room for plenty more! ...2010.07.02 01:30:00
- Back to the top! Added several awesome new members in the past couple days, will you be the next one ...2010.06.30 17:31:00
- Daily bump! please send an evemail if interested and in US time zone, my playtime is reduced atm so ...2010.06.29 17:40:00
- daily bump! keep those evemails and convo requests coming. ...2010.06.27 15:36:00
- daily bump ...2010.06.25 17:26:00
- daily bump. convo me now ingame! ...2010.06.24 21:46:00
- bump to tha top! always recruiting! ...2010.06.22 20:52:00
- Hi Maxizinian!I represent the House of Mercury, an alliance aimed at serving the needs of industrial ...2010.06.21 05:15:00

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