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- Convo me in game for more info ...2010.08.10 12:14:00
- I just came across this post by accident and want to give my condolences to his family and friends. ...2010.08.08 00:03:00
- Convo me in game for more info ...2010.07.28 16:52:00
- NOW RECRUITINGWe are an Industrial Corp. Members do their own thing most of the time but team work i ...2010.07.27 17:19:00
- Ace website. Thank you. This will be very useful :-) ...2010.07.27 08:54:00
- Disclaimer at the start. This is not a moan just an observation and I would like to hear other peopl ...2010.07.27 08:33:00
- Come on join the channel Asurhall. Have fun at our expense. ...2010.07.14 22:39:00
- Oh great just what I want, more extended downtime. In the last two weeks we have had a silly amount ...2010.06.30 15:36:00
- "Changes have been made to the process for character transfers. Previously the seller would need to ...2010.06.29 15:29:00
- I got one of the two missing ships over the weekend but no update on the other one since. ...2010.05.13 12:17:00
- Is anyone else still waiting for items to be returned? I have had a petition open since last firday ...2010.05.13 11:55:00
- Anosh You work for CCP? If not stop sucking up to them. They get payed by over 100,000 (?) users to ...2010.01.23 14:00:00
- Twice in two day and hunners of it since expansion. Me thinks the F**ked something up. ...2010.01.23 13:54:00
- I did freighter and AP but I am thinking when my corp get bigger it could be a real pain. ...2010.01.07 11:52:00
- thank you for that.I googled but got a lot of conflicting info. ...2010.01.07 11:44:00

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