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- Edited by: Slash Bodenski on 10/02/2009 21:44:26 That's a shame. Not unexpected, but oh well. Hig ...2009.02.10 21:42:00
- You choose what racial BPC you use through the decryptor. Although they are called decryptors, they ...2009.02.10 21:15:00
- Edited by: Slash Bodenski on 04/02/2009 17:02:35 I love it, can't wait for it, etc, etc.CCP: So to ...2009.02.04 16:59:00
- I'll take a blackbird BPC. Repeat customer for this most excellent seller! Slash ...2008.11.29 03:21:00
- I'll take 1 osprey Max Run BPCOr you'll get a bump. Hopefully both!Slash ...2008.11.29 03:17:00
- One other request. If the application barfs while parsing the XML data we are stuck waiting 24 hour ...2008.08.04 12:48:00
- I *generally* like the app, but have a few errors and a few requests.1. All times appear to be in GM ...2008.08.04 12:35:00
- I can see where this data gives production information but it doesn't seem to give research informat ...2008.07.16 14:30:00

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