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- probebly cause arofuel has gone up so much cst off living etc ...2008.08.02 20:49:00
- i just recived my pass number thank yu to all at the CCP who sorted this problem out hope eveyrone g ...2008.08.01 17:15:00
- has anyoen else received there confirmation number for those who used the bad link for the fanfest n ...2008.07.31 20:36:00
- i sent a mail directly to the store via there contact address they replyed on monday that tey would ...2008.07.29 18:23:00
- I have bought my FanFest Ticket through this link to the EVE Store ...2008.07.25 17:16:00
- Edited by: death heart on 25/07/2008 17:13:58 ...2008.07.25 17:12:00
- pps just foudn otu the other thread item isnt there anymore as either hope i dont have to pay twice ...2008.07.25 17:03:00
- ps jsut partitioned the store through the official contact on the eve store hope this sorts it out s ...2008.07.25 17:00:00
- thanks i ordered my ticekt trhough the thread as well got an order confirmation email but no passcod ...2008.07.25 16:48:00
- offical fanfest ticekt thread is up on the eve store now guys adn news ...2008.07.24 18:14:00
- maybe the 16th ot 17th at least that less than no date at all just have to keep checking till there ...2008.07.15 06:59:00
- I wish they would release a date when tickets were coming out that would help you know at;least then ...2008.07.04 18:08:00
- id appreciate the fanfest ticket release as well ccp please ...2008.07.02 14:41:00
- Dear CCP i hav recently aquired my tickets for fanfest 2008, so i have 1 question when is it possibl ...2008.06.23 19:23:00
- thansk you to the person who found the british eve fest packages annoying that they coudnt annoucne ...2008.06.19 21:35:00

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