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- Currently EVE is EVE Offline. ...2010.01.09 22:38:00
- There has been some discussion of this already. Yeah, I posted in that thread too about this lousy ...2009.12.27 00:11:00
- Edited by: Botthkill on 27/12/2009 00:05:44 Recently, I decided to run missions in order to raise m ...2009.12.27 00:05:00
- Ctrl will freeze the overviewYep, this is it!!!Thanks :) ...2009.12.20 10:33:00
- I remember reading once there was a key for freezing the Overview objects (this is helpful when targ ...2009.12.20 09:06:00
- Jukebox still stops playing randomly !!!!Even after Version 120813.Are those EVE Players from CCP ok ...2009.12.17 15:07:00
- Yes, this is a problem many have.Including me.To make it play again, you have to press Stop button a ...2009.12.14 19:39:00
- Since Dominion (also after 1.0.2 patch) Jukebox stops playing (I'm using the default EVE music track ...2009.12.10 20:58:00
- To add to the sarcasm:Hey, I've just bought a pair of gloves. Although I always keep them with me i ...2009.12.09 20:54:00
- Still cannot get into the game.Queue too long. ...2009.12.05 23:00:00
- In the box where you enter the path to your music folder, press down-arrow and the recent paths you ...2009.12.03 10:27:00
- Jukebox is empty and there's no option to load music. ...2009.12.01 19:59:00
- Is Dominion client available for download? ...2009.12.01 18:05:00
- And neither on Mondays.. ...2009.11.30 18:29:00
- Are Short Stories a dead subject?Comparing to the beginning, Chronicles tend to have a larger conten ...2009.11.30 09:25:00

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