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- Awesome stuff! It's sad that not many other battleship hulls have the slot layout to do something li ...2011.08.26 19:45:00
- Hilarious!Also, I really appreciate your choice of background music for the latter half <3Count me i ...2011.08.26 19:28:00
- Not the best video you've made and not very interesting, in my opinion. But! Clearly you're having f ...2011.08.25 14:32:00
- Edited by: Miriam Sasko on 25/08/2011 12:43:41 Over the last months, Kovorix has shown an amazing r ...2011.08.25 12:13:00
- Like I told you before, this movie qualifies you for my personal a-league. Your previous videos were ...2011.08.08 15:19:00
- Great video. Period.As an afterthought: On it's way to "favourite video of all time" it gets somewha ...2011.08.07 12:12:00
- Finally, I get to comment on this one... but rest assured, I only just watched Willl Adama's video t ...2011.08.07 12:00:00
- Some great fights in there o.0 I was morally certain you'd die in the Loki fight (and wonder - were ...2011.07.17 21:09:00
- Kovorix himself is too proud to do this, so I'll try to put a thought into the heads of those who ar ...2011.07.15 16:12:00
- For god's sake, Kovorix, don't do it! THINK OF THE CHILDREN! "Just to change the topic for a moment ...2011.07.04 20:12:00
- 1st: Forget about this "being better than me". If you really believe it, you are probably past helpi ...2011.07.04 17:33:00
- Miriam Sasko's "Flight of Dragons"Can't find this I presume Wensley meant There be Dragons... and ...2011.06.12 13:05:00
- To be fair, I rather enjoyed that. Ok, the music choices were somewhat awkward, but he did risk his ...2011.06.11 09:14:00
- Really nice video indeed! And yeah, you were indeed pursued by some impressively bad luck o.0Feels g ...2011.06.11 08:25:00
- Haha that's nice :DBut, you know, it is much cooler to tell kids they were conceived during holidays ...2011.05.17 16:03:00

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