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- Planning to switch 1 CPR for damage control II if working without other carriersDon't do that. In fa ...2009.11.30 18:46:00
- Typically you bring one of each and use the extra slots for either caldari (to jam other ecm boats) ...2009.10.28 19:29:00
- Yeah let's derail this thread with another stupid argument again. ...2009.10.28 19:09:00
- Damage Control II 200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I Small Armor Repairer IIX5 Prototype ...2009.10.28 18:59:00
- Edited by: Davinel Lulinvega on 28/10/2009 18:56:26 I think blasters just need a damage boost and s ...2009.10.28 18:54:00
- Hopefully when you get it back you'll fit it less horribly. ...2009.10.28 07:02:00
- It's a known bug. If it helps, they're fixing it in dominion. ...2009.10.28 06:33:00
- Wheee eft warrioring time!Domination Gyrostabilizer Domination Gyrostabilizer Domination Gyrostabi ...2009.10.26 05:35:00
- Probably because those pairs have a lot of overlap so ccp wanted to make sure you crosstrained to a ...2009.10.24 21:21:00
- Not this **** again. ...2009.10.24 20:49:00
- The 6 bs spawn isn't going to instagib your carrier or anything, but considering the added time it t ...2009.10.24 19:14:00
- I still stand by the fact that AB's work. You guys are all really good at saying you have tons of e ...2009.10.24 18:29:00
- that's a carrier, an amarr templar used by fightersNice, it's a: Templar, an Amarr fighter I have ...2009.10.24 04:16:00
- It's terribad for pve. ...2009.10.24 02:11:00
- There's no reason to use anything other than the 4 close range ammo in autocannons (emp, pp, fusion, ...2009.10.23 23:04:00

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